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Your Adaptive Control Resource

The Adaptive Control Toolbox, for MATLAB® & Simulink®, is an extensive toolbox to design, implement, & analyze parameter identification & adaptive control schemes. The design & implementation can be performed for both continuous-time & discrete-time plants. 






Key Features

Numerical implementation of an extensive set of parameter identification and adaptive control schemes.

Simulink® blocks with user-friendly GUIs to implement the schemes and to select/tune the design parameters easily.

Ability to implement the same schemes using the provided MATLAB® commands in order to have flexibility in design and implementation.

Applicability to both continuous-time and discrete-time plants.

Normalization, parameter projection, and robust modification capabilities to guarantee stability and robustness.

Basic polynomial algebra tools to design controllers based on model matching and pole placement techniques.


Climate Control

Disk Drives

Cruise Control

Flight Control

Fuel Injection

Intelligent Control

Intelligent Transportation

Nonlinear Control

Process Control


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